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DDD measures

DDD measures
Department DDD is technical, technological and professional equipped to perform most complex jobs from pest control domain.

DDD measures are needed for the following reasons:
- to eliminate the risk of the occurrence and transmission of infectious diseases
- to eliminate the risk of occurrence of various types of allergies, dermatitis, inflammation of the respiratory tract, intestinal and stomach disturbances that may appear in humans,
- the removal of economic and economic damages caused by destroying and polluting surface, space, facilities and food,
- to eliminate the interference caused by pests in the normal course of human activities ….

We are one of the leading performer DDD measures with over 150 clients in:
- the pharmaceutical industry
- food industry
- hospitality industry
- large retail networks
- projects systematic protection of cities and municipalities

We are also among the five authorized performers for the use of very dangerous chemicals – fumigation.

To perform DDD measures we have all the necessary authorizations issued by relevant institutions: the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Development and Rural Development Republic of Croatia, Veterinary Administration, Department of Health, Labour, Social Security and Veterans’ Affairs, Department of Agriculture and Forestry, Croatian Institute of Toxicology.

The entire work is done with the full implementation of the standards:
- Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008)
- Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004)
- Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007).
We have teams that have different educational structure: Dr. Veterinary Medicine, graduate sanitary engineers, graduate engineers of agriculture, sanitary engineers, sanitary technicians….
We provide services on the entire territory of Croatia and we are able, within 24 hours of the call, to implement the required services using modern methods.
While implementing DDD measures we use only products that have all the necessary authorizations issued by relevant institutions Republic of Croatia.
Our working hours is adapted to your needs.
Implementation of mandatory DDD measures are required for the companies, institutions and other legal entities and natural persons who individually perform their activities and individual owners, possessors or holders of management objects, users facilities under sanitary supervision, according to the Law on Protection of the Population of infectious diseases (NN 79 / 2007).

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