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Gastronomy and Catering

Gastronomy and Catering

Business activities of the sector Adria gastro are based on providing hospitality services within numerous renowned companies and providing catering services (

Adria gastro is synonymous with the highest quality, and our energy, knowledge, and creativity are the reasons why you can contact us with complete confidence.

While our clients have been engaged in their business activities, we have been developing and preparing flavours for them for full 15 years. With our services, our clients are productive and carefree in their restaurants. We serve about 5,000 meals every day in 35 private restaurants. We also prepare about 1000 hot meals every day and deliver them to our clients at the location of their companies. The hot meals we deliver are prepared in a modern kitchen with modern equipment, under the supervision of highly qualified cooks and professional employees.

At the moment, we employ 265 employees who fulfil all the expectations and needs of our clients through their professionalism and kindness. The quality of the service and the satisfaction of our clients are the result of many years of experience and constant education of our employees. Our monthly hot meals menu is regularly created according to the wishes and needs of our clients, with counselling from a graduate engineer of food technology, gastronomes and cooks. We can guarantee variety, high quality, and the proper energy value of meals to our clients.

In our further adjustments to the market that is increasingly recognising quality and professionalism, we would like to emphasize that we guarantee that we work according to the HACCP system. We maintain our certificate according to the norms ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000, ISO 14000 and OHSAS, which includes regular yearly monitoring audits.