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Adria Group provides design and maintenance of green areas. We arrange green areas for different purposes across the Croatian territory. Services are divided into several stages:

The process begins with consultation and by analyzing the current situation followed by measuring and photographing. Although our experienced designers for landscaping immediately recognize the opportunities and recognize the potential of the space, which is extremely important detailed conversation with you, in order to take into account your preferences, requirements and lifestyle.

After analyzing the current state (position and micro-location space, climate, soil type, installation) we approach to the development of ideas, while respecting your wishes produce a conceptual design space with detailed calculation of costs.

After adjusting for the conceptual design follows the execution of the plan on the ground.
We carry out earthworks (excavation, removal, delivery of arable land), garden-technical elements (rock gardens, gazebos, barbecues, paths and paving, waterfalls, ponds, fountains) and planting of plants, flowers and lawn sowing.

For existing green areas we provide maintenance – mowing the lawn, lawn aeration, top dressing lawns, shrubs and trees, trimming of plants, tree surgery – with the works at height, hedge clippers, chemical weed, and winter service. According to your wishes we can define the dynamics of maintenance (daily, monthly and yearly).

Abandoned plots arrangeing by mulching, tarupiranjem, destroying trees

Horticultural works include:
- Sowing and lawn maintenance
- Pruning of bushes and trees – work at height
- Planting flower beds, trees and shrubs
- Designing, construction and maintenance of irrigation
- Seting up a garden-technical elements (paths and paving, benches, pergolas, gazebos, barbecues, ponds, fountains)
- Making rocky ground
- Conveyance, installation, planning land
- Fitozaštita
- Chemical weed removal
- Mulching and tarupiranje of derelict land
- Maintenance (daily, monthly, yearly, seasonal)

Part of the activities in which there is our presence:
- Construction – ongoing arranging of the environment newly built facilities
- Industrial, factory activity – maintenance, decorating grounds of the factories
- Service and administrative activities – decorating and care of plants in offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and cleaning their roads and parking lots
- Around the hospitals, health centers, schools, kindergartens
- Improvement and maintenance of private gardens and the environment of residential buildings
- Winter service