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Internal cleaning

Internal cleaningSector of Internal cleaning, at the moment, employs over 550 employees across Croatia.

Cleaning and maintenance of internal space includes services in the pharmaceutical, financial, public and health sector, media, shopping malls, food, meat and confectionery industry.

Cleaning services are performed on daily basis, periodically and on demand and customer needs (cleaning offices, clinics, lab, showrooms, workshops, warehouses and space in the food, meat and confectionery industry with all its sanitary facilities and communication spaces).

Daily cleaning is performed on more than 230 objects including over 1.000.000 m2 working space.

Daily cleaning includes:
Work in the first shift – most jobs on duty
Work in the second shift – for the largest number of employees (mainly cleaning after business hours of the customer)
Work in the third shift (night work) – mainly employed in the meat and confectionery industry and if necessary employees who work in general and periodic cleaning

General cleaning includes cleaning after construction and finishing works (before opening new space, after reconstruction, adaptation, etc.), cleaning before various inspections, after painting works, etc.

Periodic cleaning includes washing machine of soft (carpet, fitted carpet) and hard (stone, marble, granite, ceramic tile, PVC, parquet) floor surfaces, protection (impregnation) and polishing and washing windows, all according to the dynamics determined by the client.

In our work we use the equipment, tools and only ecological cleaning products, renowned local and foreign companies, combined with water rights permits and Material Safety Data Sheet.
At this point for cleaning we use more than:
• 350 carts for cleaners,
• 270 vacuum cleaner dust,
• 20 battery and 5 cable machines for washing and vacuuming,
• 3 polishing machines,
• 7 washing carpets machines,
• 10 machines for wet vacuuming
• 3 vacuum cleaner for deep extraction (mats) and about 100 ladders of various heights…

All of our employees have the certificate for safety at work.