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Special cleaning

Special cleaning
• We perform all kind of cleaning, washing and disinfection of air and ventilation systems.
• We do installation and servicing SPLIT air conditioners.
• We do the cleaning, washing and desinfection of all types of hoods, filters, air conditioners and fans for kitchens and restaurants, in accordance with regulations.
•For that we use special equipment and devices, type ROBOT, Danish company DANDUT CLEAN. We perform recording with micro camera and produce videos on DVD.
• We have the capability of the cleaning equipment and surfaces with the help of technology DRY ICE, Danish company ICE TECH, for client’s demanding jobs.
• We offer replacement of filter sections in climate chambers and other devices and we are trained for professional disposal of non-hazardous and hazardous waste and substances by authorized institutions.
• We have trained teams for these jobs, which fall under the tasks with high risk and increased hazards at work. Employees have medical certificates, which should be renewed every 12 months, for work at height, working with hazardous substances in special conditions, such as in buildings with EX version.
• After job is completed we will issue all supporting technical documentation, approvals, certificates and microbiological findings, in cooperation with authorized institutions the Republic of Croatia.
• We work with companies in the pharmaceutical, food, meat and confectionery industry, health care and hospitals, schools, hotels, banks, insurance companies, gas stations, nurseries, kitchens, restaurants, etc.