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Technical Services

Technical Services

Technical Services (Management and Maintenance, Building Management, Building Maintenance)

Energy management and auxiliary systems (Energy management & utilities services)

Adria helps users to optimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. Care of: consumption, emissions, energy efficiency systems … provides over the entire lifetime of equipment:

- optimizing design, installation, management and maintenance of equipment
- improving the reliability of energy equipment
- working of equipment in the most efficient way
- financial savings through reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs
- continuously improving technology maintenance
- …

Maintenance of technical systems

Adria technical services have grown from maintenance of industrial, public and commercial sectors. We provide care of all technical systems in the way of maintaining optimal strategy to reduce costs and increase equipment life cycle. We apply the concept of optimal operation in maintenance, adapted to the needs of each client.

-0 – 24 availability of operational teams
-regional availability
-management and maintenance of technical systems
-maintenance of buildings
-painting and anticorrosive protection
-specialized technical services
-BMS, measurement and control
-security systems
- heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC)
-management of guarantees
-statutory tests
-consultation about building problems