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Temporary employment

Temporary employment
Adria zaposlenici Ltd. is the employer (agency) that by agreement or contract provides workers to another employer (customer services) for temporary work.

Reasons for temporary employment are:
- need for seasonal workers
- timed limited job
- sudden or rapid increase in business volume
- temporary replacement of absent employees (labor, sick leave, vacation)
- temporary need for workers of other profile than those normally employed
- internal company rules does not allow for further employment
- probationary period for new employees

Benefits of temporary employment:
- quickly available workers selected according to user needs
- agencies takes over all legal obligations to employees and the state, leading the workers as its employees
- workers are available to the user when it is needed and only when they need it, in the meantime, there is no obligations to them
- Adria zaposlenici Ltd. takes over all costs and risks of intermittent absences of employees
- in case of termination of client need for workers not subject to the Labour Law in the sense of caring for redundant labor