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Vending Machines

Vending Machines

Vending Machines
We are professionals that provide its high quality service for reputable organizations.
Our professional staff ensures that machines for hot drinks work flawlessly, and espresso, instant, Nescafe and other drinks that you consume are tasty and good quality.

When taking over location we commit ourselves to:
-free installation of high-quality machines and putting them into function within the agreed time
-regular visitation and control apparatus
-regularly filling apparatus commodities
-servicing and maintenance of the equipment and the corresponding space
-rapid elimination of potential failures and malfunctions

All of our employees involved in this process have the training, skills and experience.
Machines of various capacities are high quality, modern design, wide assortment, supporting selection of espresso and instant drinks on the same machine and they are all insured.
On each device is highlighted phone number service that is available from 0-24 hours, seven days a week.

Manufacturers of preparations for drinks are well-known companies
-NESTLE – Nescafe instant coffee
-AMIGOSTRIESTE ITALIA – espresso Amigos extra bar
-RISTORA-chocolate, milk and tea
-possibly others, depending on the preference of the user

Payment of beverages
-Cash-through coin mechanism with the return of coins and banknotes reader
-Cashless-through accounts with delayed payment (tokens, credit key or readings based on consumed beverage on the machine) …

We are able to organize and install apparatus for cold drinks and snack products.